Friday, August 7, 2009 11:27 AM

blog is dead....and it reincarnate again...for now -.-

Fat rats :D

QOO...cute or not?

a little "gift" i made out of subway's wrapper :D

Fate frm Nanoha


Asakura Yoh frm Shaman King

Amidamaru frm Shaman King

during the "AFK" session, these are the few pics i took.
i even 4gt i hav a blog -.-

those drawings is i draw one...chio bo? lol
these are frm anime.

nth to blog -.-
everything happens b4 today has already 4gotten -.-



Friday, July 10, 2009 12:01 AM


2day i was kinda happy....
this is because, ryan king zw and kelvin stayed back in class accompany me until kb calls me to meet him..frm like 4 to 5 pm...

we were toking so much crap...ahahaa....all bout gaming...

then we were like writing our full name on de board...chinese and english and game nick...lame rite..hhaha


break1, we were toking bout our childhood...about pets, insects, xpecially

and 2day was damn tired until i slept like 5 mins b4 meeting3....den gt waken by ryan...haha..


Wednesday, July 8, 2009 12:16 AM

fucked up

fucked up team with
fucked up mates

fucked up game with
fucked up feeders

fucked up mood with
fucked up attitude

what fucked up day today.... _|_

iv done editing my previous post..jus added de pic -.-


Sunday, July 5, 2009 10:21 PM


these few days, me super lazy to blog..almost forgotten i have a blog -.-

last few days went to watch Ice Age 3...IT IS SO DARN FUNNY AND NICE MAN!!! MUST WATCH!!!

nth cool happening these few days -.-

2day went to suntec for sum gaming fair. WCG!! world cyber games!

the fair is totally nothing. waste my time going....the place is so small and cramp, didnt play the wcg theme song (the most important song), the cosplays are vry fugly, didnt distribute any gaming magazines..ZZZZZ

but i gt smt frm tt fair...jus need sign up a membership for dunno wad shit and i gt a goodie bag -.-

inside the goodie bag gt a Hellgate London figurine....yea! i love figurines...haha


2day is kinda dangerious day for me -.-

hansel used to say :"slippers are meant to be slippery" and it really slippery today.

2day alight 1 stop after the original bustop coz i overslept -.-

then suddenly i felt like shitting...omg....i need to bloody walk 4 damn bus stops!!!

i need to walk darn slow coz its damn slippery...but my shit is already hanging at the entrance of my anus -.-" (im jus exaggerating) its jus going to come out anytime sooner....haha

when reaching my house, i almost slipped man!!!! but heng, nvr -.-

i wonder whether my shit will drop out if i slipped or urgent man!

and almost stepped on 2 cute snails -.-

kk....too many shits


Sunday, June 21, 2009 10:01 PM

laziness KILLS!!!

aahh...these few days very lazy to blog man -.-

TODAY I SAW MICHAEL AT PLAZA SING!!! as usual, i dont greet him -.-
he din saw me either...HAHAHa....he was alone shopping for shoes o0"
didnt saw any1 wif him...haha...

went to plaza sing walk around wif kb...of coz, 1st place we go is the shop selling swords....oh yea!! so many kinda swords available man...xpecially swords frm anime...mostly Bleach.

tinking to buy the $34+ Frostmourne...but it looks kinda fake -.-"

schooling for a week boring ...hais...what to do? i cant jus quit school and game for life rite?!?! hahahha...fat hope T.T

recently, i suppose to met up wif the end, nvr....he told me tt we were watching Land of Lost. then i asked him:" with who?"

he replied:"wif sum random friends" i sian half. so didnt meet them..

it was a wednesday tt day, i gt nth to do at home, so went to Plaza Singapura myself...YES, myself!!!

dun worry, im not /emo-ing...i was jus wanting to buy smt to surprise sum1....muahahhaha...and i bought tt thing liao...den late evening, i went met up wif kb at woodlands. makan + walk around. then bought vegetable pizza frm the pasar malam...its nice ok!

when i was in PS, i saw many many collectable toys man!!! i told myself tt, if i'm rich, i will buy all the toys i like!!! expecially the Dragons figurines!! woot...

hmmmmm...these few days, iv been playing GUNBOUND!! oh yea....retro eh? old school game..was playing wif Turd5 and his friend warren, who is my junior. hahaha

im having great fun playing wif them especially wif Turd5...

friday after school, i was waiting for kb to finish his last UT...

then king brought his nikon to school...woot...

so ryan started to take artistic photos.

at tt time, only king zw ryan natasha kelvin and i was in class..

den we started to cam whore -.-"

taking nonsense pictures of each others....afew grp pics for the guys..hahha...

ryan was having fun and a lil stressed up while taking photos coz he didnt get the angle he wans...haha -.-


Monday, June 15, 2009 8:19 PM

game of choices

recently, i was very bored. i suddenly think of smt vry true and interesting.

you are in a world of choices. life is like a game of choice. there is no such things as "no choice"
whatever you do, they are choices that have to be made. it is either good or bad choices. sometimes, ppl thinks that you chose a bad choice while you think it is a good choice.

for example, you are suppose to go normal acade, but i chose express coz i think it is the good choice to me. but not to the others.

when you are going for work or school. yr teacher or boss asked you to reached the workplace/school on time.
choices are also made at the point of time where you can either reach there on time or late or even earlier then the expected time.

some choices are reversible and some are irreversible.

to me, i feel that reversible are the virtual world. like gaming.
choices that are irreversible are to be decided wisely. usually for this kind of choices you made, will regret if you made the wrong choice.

e.g you will get fired if you late vry frequently. this is a irriversible choice.

happiness is the key in life.

last few days, i went to Subway eat. then i did a creative artifact out of the cap :D


the clouds are wonderful things. it can shapeshift anything that you can imagine. take a look at this one. it is a beautiful phoenix flying across the sky


Saturday, June 13, 2009 11:40 AM


vry long no post le...these few days addicted to Dragonica...

zhiwei started introing us Draconica..

tt game kinda fun coz gt story line...its hard to find a storylined mmorpg -.-

ryan's bioclocked gt screwed by Dragonica -.-" hahahaha

zhiwei these few days nvr play....

king, he still vry active....sumtimes play wif him....

jus gt in a SG guild...woot...not bad, de members training me...haha

later, i found out tt kb also playing o0"

but at the other server -.-..haiz

kb gene jialing gabriel play at other server....den me at 2nd server...

a maximum of 4 ppl in a party to do party quest....den kb jioed me to his server....i was thinking, sian..cannot pt 5 ppl....but nvm...i still played -.-

currently playing 2 servers...haha...

today gonna meet hansel dey all liao...feeling excited and abit scared coz vry long nvr see them to catch up

and recently, smt happen...

i keep saying tt the person was very paranoid. but in the end, i was wrong...the thing he was paranoid-ing about was true...haiz..

ytd went to IT fair at suntec...memories of WCG suddenly appeared in my brain...haha

saw a earphones....sennheiser earphones quality earphones.....
but too bad, my earpiece haven spoil -.- so i didnt buy....

ok...gtg bathe now den meet kb later....gonna late -.-

and its raining now!!! raining chicken and ducks..zzzz


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